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William and Sarah Wason

William Hood WasonWilliam was born 1813 Bristol England and died 1 Jan 1870 Bayswater, London.
9 Nov 1841: He obtained land from Crown, however Wason fails to appear on Bakers 1842 Map of St Vincent, Wason’s land has John Hawdon appearing as landowner of the 2560 acres which Hawdon had been promised as a primary grant in 1831.

Some parish maps have John Hawdon as promisee then William Wason as Grantee vide Misc department S7/3421.This Woodstock estate of 2560 acres was known by its native name of Woolomolan, which is Aboriginal for ‘place of snakes’.  CS letters Reel 1195 2/8003.

1842: 12 assigned convicts and 11 free servants to Wason at Woodstock.

1852: Willliam bought from the crown 130 acres costing him £130 on the opposite side of Burrill Lake to Woodstock, he continued to purchase adjoining and surrounding lands to Woolomolan on the shores on both Burrill and Stoney Creeks.

Wason operated a flourmill at Woolomolan, and was appointed as one of the District’s magistrate in 1857 with the court sessions being held at the Royal Hotel Ulladulla and Warden’s general store until the Ulladulla courthouse was built in 1863. Wason St in both Ulladulla and Milton are named after William Hood Wason.

Photos: William and Sarah Wason courtesy of the Lovegrove Collection.

William married Sarah Louise DeMestre 19 Feb 1857, St Johns by Terrara Church by Rev. Dr Harnier with William noted as a Gentleman from Woodstock, Ulladulla.

Their marriage notice appears in Illawarra Mercury 23 Feb 1857. Sarah b. 28 Jun 1827 Sydney was the daughter of Prosper and Mary Ann de Mestre.  William and Sarah had no children, he died 1 Jan 1870 Bayswater, London.

After William’s death, Sarah married General Sir. George Nott on 2 Dec 1873 Hanover Square London and lived in England for the rest of her life. Sarah’s maternal grandmother was a convict, Mary Hide aka Sarah Blunn who was charged with stealing, she arr: Britannia 1798.

Taken from Masters and Convicts by Cathy Dunn.

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