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Who were the first women to climb Pigeon House

Pigeon HouseNamed by Captain Cook in 1770 as Pigeon House Hill. The Aboriginal name is Didhol, meaning Big Mountain. In 1828 pigeon House was recorded as Dithol by Surveyor Thomas Florence. Some early survey maps give spelling as Diddel.

On a good day, coastline stretching from Point Perpendicular in the north to Mount Dromedary in the south can be seen, making the walk a most rewarding experience.

But who was the first women to climb Pigeon House?

Kiama Independent and Shoalhaven Advertiser, 27 October 1864

On Saturday, the 8th instant, a picnic party (including five ladies) from the Boat Harbour and Milton, paid a visit to the summit of the rock locally known as the Pigeon House Mountain. The Pigeon House is distant from the Boat Harbour about eighteen miles, and its elevation and peculiar shape, forms a conspicuous object for many miles, and is, therefore, a beacon for bewildered bushman and coasting mariners.

The cap of the mountain is a huge irregular-shaped rock, rising perpendicularly out of the mountain to the height of about fifty feet, and beingĀ  about three hundred feet in circumference. This rock is inaccessible on all sides except one, and on this side few men would have sufficient nerve to scale unaided.

By the aid of a rope, however all our party ascended, one of the most intrepid (Mr William Jones) having previously secured the rope. On the top we found a level area sufficient to enable us to enjoy a set of quadrilles, which was preformed with great spirit and animation. The view from the summit is magnificent and well repays the difficulty in ascending.

Boat Harbour is the early name for Ulladulla.

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