Sunday, February 18, 2018

War Effort 1917

Sydney Morning Hearld 9 April 1917

ULLADULLA: At Ulladulla Miss Gruer has been doing¬†¬† useful work conducting a babies’ kit class, where, under her direction, clothes are made up for the destitute families of the Allies. The school children also materially assist. A great deal of work has been accomplished, and letters of thanks received from unfor- tunate mothers In Belgium express gratitude for tho handsome and useful articles of clothing forwarded from this small village In far-away Australia. Ulladulla has also helped In many of the funds in connection wlth Milton.

TERMEIL: This small town is mainly supported by the timber industry. It would be hard to find a better class of men than the sturdy wood- men for the strenuous work of war. So far 20 have thrown the axe aside and shouldered the rifle. One father with two sons at the front has already tried twice, and although so far unsuccessful on account of age, he has hopes of still getting away to do his bit for King and country.

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