Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ulladulla Public School Was Delayed – For A Boat Launching

In the year 1954 Ulladulla Public School Was Delayed – For A Boat Launching

More than 150 of the 200 children attending Ulladulla Public school decided to arrive late on Thursday 13 October 1954.

This was because they wanted to watch the launching of the first wooden vessel to be built at Ulladulla shipyards since the war. The launching took place at 9 am.

The children made their way to the shipyards in the harbour, about a quarter of a mile from the school, and watched Miss Joan McTaggart, daughter of one of the members of the firm which built the boat, perform the christening ceremony. They cheered as she announced the boat’s name as “Olwyn.”

Then the children raided the tables loaded with cakes and pastry, sausages and frankfurts, provided by the management for the guests.

When they could eat no more, the children assembled at the call of three teachers who had been sent to bring them to school. They arrived at the school in time for their 11 o’clock playtime.

There were about 300 adults on the beach to watch the launching. After the children had left the adults took their turn at the refreshment table.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 15 October 1954

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