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Timber Industry Roll of Honour

1878 – 2000 for South Coast
Complied by Cathy Dunn and Leith Davis, includes some notes of the late Jack Wallace.

Year –  Name –  Location –  Accident –  Notes
1878:  SHEPHERD, Alexander (Alex) … SHEPPARD.  Woodburn. Hit by a falling tree.  b. 1858 Braidwood. Died age 20 years 14 Nov 1878, buried Milton CE Cemetery. Occupation: Bushman.
1901:  WISHART, Robert.  Kingaman Milton.  Limb, arm torn off.  b. 1871 Kangaroo Valley or Berry. Died age 30 years, 16 Oct 1901. Buried Sandridge Cemetery Congregational Section Row 3 Plot 2 Mollymook.
1907:  ANDREWS, Prosper Ernest (Prossey). Kioloa.  Jinker pole fell while slinging log.  Aboriginal. Died age 28 years, 13 Feb 1907. Buried Sandridge Cemetery Methodist section, Unmarked Mollymook. Occupation: Labourer.
1910:  BENNETT, Jack.  Kioloa.  Riding on drayload of sleepers that overturned.
1910:  DENT, James,  Huskisson.  Limb – cutting timber – boat building
b. 1843 Cooks River Sydney. Died age 67 years, 25 Oct 1910. Buried Nowra Cemetery CE Rites
 1914:  MILLARD, Aubrey.  Milton.  Walking behind jinker – hit by a log,  b. 1901 Milton. Died age 13 years, 28 Aug 1914. Buried Sandridge Cemetery Methodist Section A, Row 6, Plot 2, Mollymook.
1914:  LAVIS, Joseph Cyril (Joe).  Moruya. b. 1886 Wamban Creek. Died age 27 years.
1918:  COOTES, John Samuel (Jack).  Bawley Point. Pulled chock away – log rolled in mill yard.
b. 1863 England. Died age 50 years 14 May 1913. Buried Independant Cemetery Ulladulla (Sandridge Cemetery).
1918: BORROWDALE, Sid. Wandandian.  Limb – while falling logs.  b. 1890. Died age 28 years.
1923: ROBINSON, George.  Wandandian. Hit by falling tree – clearing a dump. Died age 41 years.
1925:  REID, John. Kingaman.  Hand caught in log – wedges jumped
1927:  DUCKHAM, Sidney William (Sid).  Bridge Creek.  Crushed against tree by jinker wheel.  b. 1873 Queensland. Died age 53 years. Buried Sandridge Cemetery CE, Section B, Unmarked, Mollymook Occupation: Timberworker.
1927: GOODSELL, Henry.  Shoalhaven. Crushed by log – drawn by bullocks. b. 1858 Brundee. Died age 68 years, 22 Aug 1927 Berry.
1929:  RIXON, Frederick William. Brooman. Fell under jinker wheel – turning brake on.  b. 1900 Moruya. Died age 29 years, 15 Jun 1929. Buried Nelligen Cemetery.
1932:  SHEPHERD, Malcolm (Mac).  Nelligen – Benandrah.  Jinker bumped tree – hit by limb.  b. 1892 Braidwood. Died age 40 years.
1932:  WRIGHTSON, Sid.  Bewong. Limb – while falling logs.

Sydney Morning Herald 3 Apr 1936
“Sydney Wrightson, 55, of Tomerong, was killed, and his son-in-law, Ronald Williams, 30, was injured to-day, while timber-cutting at Wandandian, about 20 miles from Nowra. They stood aside while a tall tree was falling, but the top branches struck a tree nearby, and was deflected on to them. Wrightson was killed instantly, but Williams escaped with severe lacerations to the scalp, abrasions, and shock. He was conveyed by ambulance to a private hospital at Nowra.

1936: MONAHAN, Bert. Turpentine Rd.  Tree came back off another tree.
1938:  LAVIS, Frederick Leslie (Fred).  Burrill Lake.  Accident on Burrill Bridge – chrushed by logs.  b. 1906. Died age 32 years, 22 Nov 1938. Buried Sandridge Cemetery General Section b, Row 2, Plot 8 Mollymook.
1940:  BLISSETT, George.  Berry Mountain.  Truck overturned with load of logs.
1940s:  HUGHES, Norm.  Shoalhaven.  Loading wheel tractor on truck.
1943: GUMLEY, Arthur Reginald (Reg). Batemans Bay.  Limb – while falling logs. b. 1899 Moruya.
1946:  HUGHES, Leo Gregory (Greg).  Termeil. Unloading logs using Wallaby Jack.
1946:  GOODSELL, Ted.  Shoalhaven.  Limb – doxer bumped tree.  Nowra.
1947: HERBERT, Owen.  Tomerong.  Unloading logs – Mill Yard.
1952:  HEYCOX, Alex (Alick). Monga.  Limb – while falling logs. b. 1912. Died age 40 years, 2 Feb 1952. Burial possible Braidwood.
1954: FITZGERALD, Bill (William).  Nelligen.  Unloading logs – Mill Yard, b. 1914 Nelligen. Died age 37 years, 4 Jul 1954. Buried Nelligen Cemetery.
1955:  HUSH, Charles. Nerriga.  Limb – while falling logs.
1955:  MYERS, Gordon.  Kingaman Milton. Limb – while cutting sleepers. b. 1920 Morton.
1956:  GARDNER, Allan Edward. Brooman,  Crushed by log while loading truck.  b. 1915 Milton. Died 12 Jul 1956. Buried 14 July 1956, Sandridge Cemetery CE Section C, Row 5, Plot 93 Mollymook.
1956:  WRIGHTSON, Con.  Conjola.  Limb – while falling logs.
1957:  IRELAND, David.  Nelligen.  Mill accident.
1958: SHEPHERD, Norman.  Braidwood.  Crushed by log off truck
1959:  PARRISH, Gordon.  Berry.  Crushed – Berry Mill,
1959:  TETLEY, Fred (Frederick).  Durras.  Wire rope offsiding from dozer. b. 1898 Braidwood.
1963: HEYCOX, Frederick William. Brooman.  Caught in wire rope – loading logs. b. 1920 – 1930s Nelligen.
1963:  BACKHOUSE, Bobby (Robert Stanley). Benandrah.  Unloading logs in Mill Yard.  b. 1922 Termeil. Died age 40 years, 9 Jan 1963. Buried Batemans Bay Cemetery.
1964:  GOODSELL, Ray.  Wandandian.  Bulldozer moved back – while hooking on.
1964:  DONOVAN, Jack (John Alfonsus).  Termeil.  Limb – while falling logs
b. 1913 Kioloa. Died age 50 years old, 18 Aug 1964. Buried Sandridge Cemetery RC Section A, Row 22, Plot 2 Mollymook.
1965: McLAREN, Billy (William James).  Kingaman Milton. Logs crushed truck – Gulley Crossing.  b. 1939 Kogarah. Died aged 26 years, 24 May 1965. Buried Sandridge Cemetery CE Section C, Row 10, Plot 190 Mollymook.
1968:  CREGAN, Arthur.  Moruya.  Limb – while falling logs.
1971:  McGUIRE, Reginald John (Reg).  Foxground.  Truck over turned with load of timber. b. 1915 Nowra. Died age 56 years, 30 Nov 1971.
1971: McGUIRE, Joe.  Bodalla.  Limb – while falling logs.
1971:  BELLETTE, Reg. Brooman.  Tree split – while falling logs.
1973:  THOMASON, Ray (Butch).  Bodalla. Limb – while falling logs.
1973: GUMLEY, Lionel. Conjola.  Truck rolled back whilst loading
b. 1916 Shallow Crossing. Died age 57 years, 14 Mar 1973. Buried Sandridge Cemetery CE Section C, Row 16, Plot 11 Mollymook.
1973:  CROKER, Leo Charles. Baron Ridge. Limb – while falling logs.  b. 1940 Milton. Died 27 Oct 1973. Buried 29 Oct 1973, Sandridge Cemetery CE Section B, Row 1, Plot 2 Mollymook.
1976:  INGOLD, Frederick Victor (Fred).  Brooman. Wheel tractor rolled, snigging mine timber.  b. 1925 – 1933 at possible Mogo.
1983:  SMART, Francis.  Falls Creek.  Limb – while buring timber.  b. 1969. Died age 14 years, 18 Oct 1983. Buried Sandridge Cemetery CE Section C, Row 25, Plot 9 Mollymook.
1985: DRUGY ?, Shane.  Batemans Bay. Mill accident.
1988:  DRABY, John.  Cockwhy.  Falling logs – tree split.
1991:  GEMELL (Bob).  Robert Eric. Jerrawangala. Hit by limb – forestry worker
1996: ASHBY, Peter. Termeil. b. 1965 Milton. Died age 31 years, 14 Aug 1996.
HOLLIS, Leo.  Tabourie  Truck Accident
CHAPMAN, Joe.  Moruya.  Crushed by logs in cab of truck
REID, Frank.  Cockwhy.  Limb – while falling logs
DONOVAN, Joss.  Shoalhaven.  Crushed with log while loading
McGUIRE, George Jnr.  Bombola.  Limb – cutting woodchop blocks

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