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Tidal Wave hits Ulladulla Harbour: May 19 1910

Tidal Wave at Ulladulla.-A few days ago the residents of Ulladulla, a seaport town on the South Coast, had a remarkable and startling experience, as the result of a great upheaval of the waters running from the ocean, into the bay (harbour). Under ordinary circumstances, the wharf ¡s looked upon by mariners as one of the snuggest spots on the coast to berth at On the day in question the steamer Eden happened to be in port, and although it was, usually outside loading was carried on in the ordinary way for a considerable time in comparative comfort However, within the space of ten minutes all changed.

With startling suddenness great green seas broke’ completely over the wharf, carrying 400 sleepers and everything else with them. The Eden’s mooring ropes were snapped, and the vessel, to save herself from being washed high and dry upon the beach, had no alternative but to clear out in the face of seas running mountains high. In doing so the steamer at times stood on end, and the next moment was taking a dive as if going straight to the bottom. There was no chance of proceeding further south, and the Eden had to run back, with all speed, to Jervis Bay for shelter. In the trying circumstances the steamer behaved splenildly, and the passengers were high in their praise regarding the manner in which the captain handled the vessel.

Old residents of (Ulladulla) 30 years’ standing state that this is the first time that such a startling disturbance has taken place at the bay, and are unanimous in the opinion that the terribly sudden upheaval was realty due to the visit of Halley’s comet. Further down the coast there have been some ex- traordlnarily high tides. Heavy south-east weather and high tides did considerable damage at Bateman’s Bay. Acres of land have been washed away from the ferry to the school, and also on the opposite side of the river. In one instance the tide crossed the main street, a similar happening not being in the memory of the oldest Inhabitant.

 Sydney Morning Herald Friday 20 May 1910

Ulladulla Harbour 100 years after the tidal waveUlladulla Harbour 2010

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