Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Settlement: Milton

The Milton Township had become the commercial centre for the entire district serving the surrounding rural areas and farms by 1875 with banks, post office, courthouse and other buildings including the Settlement Row Shops. In Milton today you are surrounded by living history, a rich culture life, with a delightful range of colourful shops, fascinating galleries and lively food places.

The Settlement courtyard (behind the Settlement Row) features the general store building circa 1860s whilst only labelled with FH 1874, Frederick Hall sold this property of Lot 17 to Henry Carrington Blackburn in 1881. John Kendall had built the Settlement Row shops on Lot 18 in the mid 1870s, today the parapet and cornice treatment shows links from the Settlement Row with adjoining the Blackburn’s stores buildings. Kendall’s daughter Catherine who married Henry Blackburn inherited this land of Lot 18 in 1895. Both properties are still owned by the Blackburn family today.

The Settlement Row Shops at Milton are a late Victorian row of shopfronts typical of the 1880’s and 1890’s. Essential form retained contributing to Milton’s streetscape values on a prominent main street corner.

Important historical contribution made by local pioneers Frederick Hall, John Kendall, Henry C Blackburn and their families, all shop keepers at Milton. The buildings have been in commercial use since construction. Historic, aesthetic and social values – Regional significance Illawarra.

The Settlement Row Shops have been gazetted as part of the Shoalhaven Heritage LEP, conserving the heritage significance of existing significant fabric, relics, settings and views associated with the heritage significance of heritage items and heritage conservation areas, and is featured on the NSW State Heritage Inventory on a local Government level.

Heritage Items at the Settlement include Row of Victorian Masonry Shops, Frederick Hall’s — Weatherboard Shop and Residence (Country Leather), H C Blackburn and Sons – two storey Commercial Building and tree

The Settlement Row shops building of rendered brick have keep hold of considerable evidence of its original external façade. The elaborate render decorative moulding features around windows and doors have remained essentially intact, over the last 140 years.

Over time there has been various alterations to doors and windows. The use of awnings that detracted from the character of the building was removed many years ago.

Extracts from “Setting In Milton – Heritage Impact Report” – Settlement Row Shops Milton NSW – May 2007 – Cathy Dunn.

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