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The naming of Burrill Lake Bridge Saga

In July 2017 Shoalhaven City Council has undertaken a project to engage the local community re the changing of the name of the Burrill Lake Bridge. Back in 2013 that if and when the NSW Government commits funds to the proposed bridge over Burrill Lake and relevant environmental and planning assessments are completed and approved, Council would undertake community consultation for a period of four weeks to seek feedback on the proposal to name the new Burrill Lake Bridge, the Roy McDaniel Bridge.

Roads and Maritime Services had proposed to replace the existing Burrill Lake crossing on the Princes Highway, six kilometres south of Ulladulla, which did commenced in 2016. The new bridge is fully funded from the State Government.

In the Transport: RMS Burrill Lake Bridge Submissions report of August 2014, there is no mention of any proposed name change or new name for the bridge. Yet Council who are merely the conduit and facilitator of information to the RMS. The suggestion of Roy McDaniel first came from community to the RMS and that is why Council decided to open it to a public process. yet RMS has never mentioned a potenial change of name to the bridge in any other their reports. Click here to see report of August 2014

Council asked for submissions from the community about whether the use of Roy McDaniel is an appropriate name to be recommended to the RMS or whether there are alternative names that are preferred by the community. The community may also prefer to keep the name Burrill Lake Bridge. With all submissions will be provided to Council for a decision which will form a recommendation to the RMS for final approval.

There was an outrage from members of the local community specifically on social media that the name should be kept as the Burrill Lake Bridge.

Member for South Coast, Shelley Hancock said “I wholeheartedly support the local community and their request to not change the name of Burrill Lake Bridge.

“From the outset the entire community was heavily involved in the process to upgrade the bridge and the improvements cannot be accredited to just one person.

“It would be a mistake and confusing to rename the bridge, which has been known as Burrill Lake Bridge since its construction in 1958.

“I encourage local residents to make a submission to Shoalhaven City Council and provide feedback as to the name of the bridge.”

Council’s consultation was open for contributions until 17 August 2017. A report detailing all of the community submissions received will be created. This report will detail which names are the most popular with the community and whether the suggested name Roy McDaniel is considered appropriate or whether an alternative should be recommended. It will also outline whether any name change should be recommended or whether the name should remain Burrill Lake Bridge.

The development of the new bridge over Burrill Lake should be completed by early – mid 2018.

Join the Facebook Group to keep the name as Burrill Lake Bridge

We thank Member for South Coast, Shelley Hancock for her comments

August 16, 2017 Update: Shoalhaven City Council has determined, following significant community feedback, that Council will provide a recommendation to the RMS to retain the name of the bridge at Burrill Lake as the “Burrill Lake Bridge”. It is Council’s position that the bridge should retain the name Burrill Lake Bridge.

Editors Note: Shoalhaven City Council project regarding the changing of the name of the Burrill Lake Bridge, should have never occured. It was a useless proposal and was not supported by the residents of Burrill Lake and the Milton Ulladulla community. Noting that RMS Burrill Lake Bridge Submissions report of August 2014, there is no mention of any proposed name change or new name for the bridge.

Burrill Lake Bridge c1900
Burrill Lake Bridge c1900

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Published 1 August 2017

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