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Wesleyan – Methodist Church of Milton NSW

One can date back the Church’s History to the early 1850’s. The township of Milton did not exist and Boat Harbour ( Ulladulla of today) was in its early stage of development. The official business of the district including Court matters were done at Moruya/Broulee. There had been no regular religious services held here before […]

Rutter Family History Resources

Members of Rutter Family buried at Sandridge Cemetery Example of Rutter Family Tree Rutter Family burials at Milton Methodist Cemetery and CE Milton Cemetery Charlotte Francis Elizabeth Good Rutter family tree George Ewin family tree All these resources are pdfs Researched by Cathy Dunn, Great Great granddaughter of John Jewell Rutter

Milton Ulladulla Deaths and Burials 1901

Name – Death Date – Age – Burial BARTLETT, Richard.  13 June 1901  89 years.  Sandridge M/B3/3 BOOTH, William J.  Sept 1901  unknown  Possible Sandridge CE/B? UM BRODIE, Thomas.  June 1901  68 years.  Sandridge RC/A24/8 UM CLARKE, Mary née KELLY.  Sept 1901  unknown  Unknown CORK, Haidee,  Jan 1901.  2 years  Unknown CORK, Violet.  March/April 1901  2 years.  Unknown CURTIS, James.  17 July 1901, 69 years.  Sandridge RC/A15/1 EVANS, John. 24 October 1901,  81 years.  Sandridge Cong/12/2 GARDNER, Charles.  August 1901,  infant,  Unknown GOWEN, Millicent.  July […]

Milton Ulladulla Cemeteries NSW

Milton Ulladulla Cemeteries NSW

Cemeteries and burial indexes for Milton Ulladulla Mollymook on the South Coast NSW

Headstone located at Milton Methodist Cemetery NSW

methodist Milton Headstone

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