Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tabourie Lake Museum

Tabourie Lake Museum

The museum’s exhibits include snakes, spiders, aboriginal artefacts, minerals, local marine life and shells with a number of historical furnished rooms on display.

Milton Public School 125th Anniversary

Celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the Milton Public School was held on Friday November 7 2003. Milton Public School was established in 1878 with 155 students.

Ulladulla High School

The Schools motto “Strive for the Summit” exemplifies the schools commitment to provide opportunities for all students to develop their abilities across a broad spectrum including academic sporting, cultural and citizenship. Ulladulla High School seeks to provide a quality education to students in a safe and caring environment and to assist students to develop their […]

TAFE Campus Ulladulla

156 Green St Ulladulla, Ph: 02 4454 9200

Ulladulla Primary School

Ulladulla Primary School Green St Ulladulla Ph: 4455 1649 email 150th Anniversary 2011