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Shoalhaven Heritage Local Environmental Plan

The Milton Ulladulla district is on the NSW South Coast, being part of the city of Shoalhaven. Captain Cook first saw Aboriginals on our beaches in 1770. The first white Settler was Rev Thomas Kendall in 1828 who started cedar cutting at Narrawallee Creek near Milton.

Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No 212)—Heritage under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Bawley Point:
Relocated Bawley Point Mill Worker’s Cottage
Bawley Point Guesthouse and trees
1830s Colonial Road
“Murramarang” (former Colonial Estate House)
Bawley Point Sawmill and Wharf (former)

Bendalong: Archaeological Site — Red Head Timber Mill and Wharf

Brooman: Timber Cottage Group,including: Former School, Mill workers’ cottages, Mill manager’s residence (Old Brooman Town)

Burrill Lake
Agathis robusta (Kauri Pine) Ficus sp (Figtree) and Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)
Post-war Pseudo Stone Burrill Lake Community Hall

Murray Family Cemetery
Conjola Timber Trestle Bridge
Conjola Cemetery

Warden Family Cemetery
Sunny Vale – Dairy Farm Complex
Old Croobyar Farm and tree-lined access (former Dairy Farm Complex)
Former Victorian Brick Gatehouse to Mount Airlie, including: Elm trees,and Orchard known as The Lodge Milton

Kioloa – Federation Weatherboard Residence (former Post Office)
Kioloa Sawmill and Wharf (former)

Lake Conjola
Whitaker’s Island View Resort (former)
Holiday Cabin – Carroll Avenue

Little Forest
“Mimosa Farm”—Dairy Farm Complex
“Woodlands”—Dairy Farm Complex

Milton Victorian Weatherboard Residence and garden
Victorian Georgian Worker’s Cottage
Federation Weatherboard Residence
Remnant rainforest
Federation Gothic Brick Catholic Church, including: Presbytery, Grounds, Araucaria cunninghamii (Hoop Pine)
Milton Church of England Cemetery
Victorian Gothic Revival Rubblestone Church (former Congregational Church), including: Victorian Georgian Brick Manse (former Congregational Manse)
Victorian Gothic Style Church and Graveyard (former Milton Methodist Church)
Claydon Park – Dairy Farm Complex
Mudge’s Corner – Federation Weatherboard Residence, including: Outbuildings, Garden, Fence
Wynella – Victorian Weatherboard Residence
Federation Weatherboard Residence – Myrtle Street
Times Past – former Federation Weatherboard Farmhouse
Federation rendered Masonry Courthouse and Police Station
Two storey rendered Masonry Post Office
Victorian Georgian style Residence and Bakehouse
Inter-war rendered Masonry and Fibro Hall
Victorian Classical style rendered Masonry Town Hall
The Star Hotel – two storey rendered Masonry building
Two storey Victorian Bakery and Residence
The Settlement including Row of Victorian Masonry Shops, “Frederick Halls”— Weatherboard Shop and Residence, “H C Blackburn and Sons”—two storey Commercial Building, Tree
Victorian Weatherboard Residence and Shop
Federation Weatherboard Residence and Well
“Garrad House”— Federation Period Farmhouse – Milton Hospital
Victorian Italianate style Bank Building (former CBC Bank) – Village Green Milton
Milton Anglican Church Group, including: St Peter and St Paul Victorian Gothic Revival style Anglican Church, Inter-war Carpenter Gothic style Anglican Hall, Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm)
Relocated Victorian rendered Masonry Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage
“Eyrie Bowrie”—two storey Victorian Regency Residence
Victorian Georgian Residence and former Dispensary
Federation Weatherboard Residence and garden
Inter-war Federation style Cottage
Victorian Weatherboard Hall (former Salvation Army Hall)
Federation Weatherboard Residence
Inter-war Californian Bungalow
Inter-war Federation style Timber Residence and grounds
Melrose – former Dairy Farm Complex
“Hillside”—Victorian Georgian Residence and garden
“Candlemakers Cottage”—Colonial rendered Brick Cottage
Two storey Victorian rendered Masonry Store
Late Victorian Brick Residence
Ficus obliqua (Small leaved figtree)
Rendered Masonry Commercial Store, including: Residence, Trees
Granite Obelisk – Milton War Memorial
Narrawilly – Dairy Farm Complex, including: Garden, Rainforest, Convict road
Avenue of Ficus macrophylla (Morton Bay Fig)
Two storey Victorian former Manse and Graveyard
Victorian rendered Masonry School and Schoolmaster’s Cottage
Donovans Cottage – Victorian Weatherboard Cottage and detached Kitchen
King House – two storey Victorian Georgian style Residence
Inter-war Californian style Bungalow – Wason Street
Corner Store Wason Street
Colonial Timber Slab Cottage
Priaulx Villa – late Victorian Weatherboard
Victorian Weatherboard Worker’s Cottage
Late Victorian Weatherboard Residence
Pine View – Federation Farmhouse Complex and trees
Applegarth – Dairy Farm Complex, including Garden, Cheese press
Victorian Georgian style Sandstone Schoolhouse (former Burrill Lake School)
“Riverview”—Victorian Georgian style Farm Complex
Loch Leven – Dairy Farm Complex, including Outbuildings, Trees, Cisterns
Woodstock Congregational Cemetery Milton

Mollymook Sandridge General Cemetery
Mollymook Beach – Silica Wharf and Railway (remnants)

Morton: Weatherboard and Vertical Slab Timber Farm Complex

Silica Wharf and Tramway

Pebbly Beach
Pebbly Beach Sawmill Complex, including: Sawmill remnants, Town and school site

Lighthouse 1905Ulladulla
Warden Head Lighthouse
Victorian Georgian style Sandstone School and Schoolmaster’s Residence
Georgian Timber Slab Worker’s Cottage
Mascot – Slab Timber Cottage
Springfield – ornate late Victorian Weatherboard Farmhouse
Millards Cottage – two storey Victorian rendered Masonry Building – Millards Creek & Cottage
The Marlin Hotel – early Post-war American Colonial Hotel
Ulladulla Cemetery (former) – Old Ulladulla Cemetery
Warden Head Geological Site
Sandstone Weir— Millards Creek St Vincent Street – Millards Creek & Cottage
Victorian Brick Residence (former Ulladulla Post Office)
Ulladulla Harbour, including: Old pier and stone pier, Steps, Walls
Ulladulla Seawater Pool – Ulladulla Seapool

Woodlands – Weatherboard and Iron Farmhouse
Avenal – Dairy Farm Complex
Danesbank – two storey Victorian Stone Farmhouse and garden
Mount Airlie – two storey Victorian Italianate Estate Residence and trees
Inter-war Reinforced Concrete Butter Factory
Federation Brick Residence (former School Residence) and trees
Woodlawn”— Federation Weatherboard Farmhouse

Yatte Yattah
The Sheaffe Family Cemetery
Woppindally Dairy Farm Complex
Kendall Dale – Dairy Farm Complex, including: Homestead, Garden, Quercus robur (2) (English Oak Trees) on driveway entrance
Kirmington – Dairy Farm Complex and Henry Kendall Monolith – Henry Kendall Cairn 1913
Industrial Building (former Yatte Yattah Cheese Factory)
Boolgatta – Dairy Farm Complex and Barn
“Currawar”—Victorian Georgian style Farmhouse
Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery Site
Yatte Yattah Nature Reserve and Waterfalls
Former Yatte Yattah Public School and Schoolmaster’s Residence
“Hillview”—Private Cemetery

Heritage Impact reports and Heritage assessments are available from Historian Cathy Dunn ph: 4455 4780

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