Tuesday, December 12, 2017

School Speed Zones

 Council encourages motorists to watch Out Kids About

At 40 kilometres per hour it takes a motorist about 30 seconds to get from one end of a school zone to another.

Small children are both difficult to see and unpredictable in traffic.

Up to the age of 10, they cannot properly judge speed and distance and have difficulty coordinating traffic noise with the direction of the approach of a vehicle.

A school student or young child struck by a vehicle at 40km/h stands a better chance of survival than a child struck at even marginally higher speeds.

Shoalhaven City Mayor Councillor Paul Green said it is one of the most important points of driving in school zones: to be alert for children.

“It is important that all drivers are aware of road safety and children in school zones and those drivers do observe the 40km/h school zone,” Clr Green said.

“It is equally important that parents and carers are positive role models for their children by providing constant and consistent road safety messages to children. From an early age, children learn from their parents and carers all the time.

“This year there are many new children attending school for the first time and their focus is not on cars! So remember to be aware, watch out as there are kids about.”

Council has issued all schools with the attached notice of common school zone offences and penalties. Remember, travelling faster than 40 kilometres per hour in a school zone could cost a child’s life or at least a fine of up to $2868.

Offences in school zones

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