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Noxious Weeds

FireweedShoalhaven City Council is inviting rural landholders to join Council staff at a Noxious Weeds Field Day at Milton Showground Pavilion was held on Wednesday 18 May 2016.

The Field Day will be an opportunity for land owners to meet their local inspectors and discuss weed management issues in the Milton and Ulladulla area.

The meeting will be hosted by Council’s Team Leader Noxious Weeds, Phil Hansen, who will lead the discussion about the future of weed management in the Shoalhaven.

“The Field Day at Milton represents an ideal opportunity for rural landholders to come along and have an informal chat with Council staff about weed management,” said Mr Hansen.

“I am looking forward to the meeting, as my focus is on engaging with residents to achieve positive outcomes for land owners, the environment and the community.”

“The Field Day also provides an opportunity to learn more about Council’s noxious weeds program and changes in the way Council is required to manage weeds in relation to the State government’s NSW Weeds Action Program.”

“There are several key topics I would like to discuss with land holders on the day, including the public perception of the threat posed by noxious weeds especially Fireweed, Lantana, Bitou Bush/Boneseed and Giant Parramatta Grass in the Milton and Ulladulla area.”

“Another key topic is the introduction of the Biosecurity Act in 2017 and the impact this legislation will have on weed management in the future.”

“The meeting also provides a valuable opportunity to discuss weed management tips and strategies that land owners can practically apply to their land.”

Mr Hansen said literature on weed management will be available at the meeting.

Local residents wishing to have more information Team leader Noxious Weeds, Philip Hansen – 02 4429 3833 or 0437 745 927


Report any Madeira vine sightings

Madeira vine

Shoalhaven City Council is seeking the assistance of all landowners and community associations to locate outbreaks of an extremely aggressive climbing weed called Madeira vine (Anredera cordifolia), also known as Lambs Tails.

Madeira vine grows rapidly and can completely smother and kill large areas of native vegetation.  The vine can climb trees up to 30 metres, causing them to collapse and die from the weight and lack of sunlight. This weed can spread from one property to another, especially via watercourses, spreading along backyard fences and by dumping of garden waste.

Council’s Parks staff can assist any private landowner who has this weed on their property. Staff will undertake a first treatment, and advise and show landowners how this weed can be controlled. This will include both chemical and hand removal methods.

Madeira vine has thick fleshy, heart shaped leaves and numerous warty tubers growing from the climbing stems.  It is most visible in autumn, when it’s draping, creamy flower spikes cover the whole plant.

Large infestations of this devastating weed have already been identified in Berry, Kangaroo Valley, Bomaderry and Milton. There are also numerous known smaller patches spread throughout the city.

Funding from the NSW Government Environmental Trust has allowed Council and Shoalhaven Landcare to treat 300 sites in the city over the past five years.

If you are aware of this weed growing on public or private land, please contact Council’s Parks section on (02) 4429 3291 or 0431 133 000.

Image: Madeira vine showing the warty aerial tubers that drop from the plant and re-shoot, causing the weed to spread. It can pose a significant environmental threat if left untreated.

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