Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pollution and Salvage Experts to meet in Ulladulla

Ulladulla HarbourMore than 40 of NSW’s leading marine pollution response specialists will gather at Ulladulla for a training exercise.

Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock said regular testing of potential scenarios was key to maintaining and improving skills in preparation for any significant pollution event in NSW waters.

“Exercise Hoddle to be held on Wednesday 13 September, in Ulladulla Harbour and nearby coastal waters, and will focus on the pollution and salvage response to a scenario involving a collision between two vessels,” Mrs Hancock said.

“The scenarios would involve the deployment of boom and the use of specialist clean up tools such as flexidams, skimmers and pumps to remove and store pollutants.

“The exercise is being planned and facilitated by Roads and Maritime Services and will also involve participants from NSW Police, Marine Rescue NSW and Port Authority of New South Wales.

“It will exercise the NSW State Waters and the South Coast Marine Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plans and be comprised of four main components – establishing an incident control centre, marine assessment, equipment deployment and shoreline assessment.

“In the unfortunate event of a collision the exercise will ensure that all agencies are aware of the correct protocols and procedures and can respond quickly and appropriately.

“There may be some disruptions in and around the harbour and I ask that people be mindful of Exercise Hoddle and allow the authorities to carry out the training operation,” Mrs Hancock said.

To report pollution from a vessel on the water, contact Roads and Maritime on 13 12 56 with as many details as possible including vessel name, registration number, time and place of the incident and the kind of pollution to help with the investigation.

For pollution which appears to be coming from a marina or land-based facilities, contact should be made with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or local council.

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