Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Peter Nelson Faust

Milton Methodist FlagSerial Number and Rank:  LDG/STKR
Birth:  Milton 1893
Parents:  Johann Michael Faust and Sarah Jackson
Service:  RAN HMAS Australia
Death:  November 1920 England
Burial:  Highwycombe Buckingshire England
Honour Rolls:  RSL Honour Roll
Milton Town Memorial
Milton Primary School
Croobyar Public School
Milton Methodist Church
Methodist Flag

Peter Faust joined the Royal Navy in 1912 as a naval cadet serving on many ships including HMAS Australia, he was later promoted to first class stoker. In October 1913 he came home on a holiday in October 1913 and went fishing on a small launch out of Ulladulla and yes he got seasick.

After returning home to Milton in 1918 and being discharged from the Royal Navy he travel back to England to collect his wife Rose and his step children to bring them to Australia. Unfortunately Peter died in England in 1920.

Throughout WW1 the family members of Johann Michael Faust, were treated as enemy of the state, classified as “enemy origin’ due to Johann’s German birth, even though Johann was naturalized as a British subject in 1892. Johann also became a member of the Milton voluntary militia force in 1890.

During the war Johann had his business and personal bank account frozen. The sisters, Margaretha and Adelina at one time went to vote, they were denied the right as they were now considered “daughters of a German”, yet they were both born in Milton, their mother also was born here in Milton and they had two brothers severing with the Australian Royal Naval forces at the time, the girls never voted again.

In 1916, the younger son Hans Faust, lost his job at the Milton Post office, after some Milton residents complained “they would not have the son of a German background handle their mail’. Later on the postal authorities offered to reappoint Hans Faust as letter carrier; but the offer was declined.

Peter Faust’s name appears on many of our local WW1 memorials RSL Honour Roll, Milton Town Memorial, Milton Primary School, Croobyar Public School, Milton Methodist Church and the Methodist Flag.

Yet during the war his family were considered the enemy, this did not deter the spirit of his father Johann. In 1922 for the ground work required for the Milton Memorial avenue of trees, it was Johann who suggested a working bee and the idea caught on described the Milton Ulladulla Times newspaper as “That grand old optimist, Mr John Faust”

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