Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Parking Rangers patrolling and enforcing school zones

Shoalhaven City Council is reminding local residents that Parking Rangers are currently patrolling and enforcing school zones to ensure the safety of local children.

Council’s Road Safety Officer, Kathy Wiseham said that while No Parking zones were an important safety feature in and around schools there were still a lot of parents who seemed unsure as to their proper use.

As part of Council’s enforcement and education program regarding the correct use of No Parking Zones, Parking Rangers are able to photograph illegally parked vehicles.

Mrs Wiseham said photographs were used to capture the presence of illegally parked vehicles in school zones and are submissible in Court.

“No Parking zones in school zones are commonly known as Kiss and Drop zones and are strictly used for the pick-up and drop-off of children attending school,” said Mrs Wiseham.

“If motorists use the No Parking zones correctly it will improve traffic flow, relieve congestion and create a safer environment for local residents, especially children who are most at risk.

“Parents should be well aware that Council Rangers and local Police are currently patrolling local schools for parking and speeding offences.”

“As part of these patrols photographs may be taken to assist in the provision of evidence in the event of a Court case.”

Mrs Wiseham said No Parking zones allow motorists to park for no longer than two minutes and remain within three metres of their vehicle.

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