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Our Soldiers in South Africa: The Boer War 1899-1902

AHRENS, Sydney Robert
b. 14 Jun 1879 Milton. Fa. Charles Francis AHRENS. Mo. Dorothy (Dorthera) GRAVES.
Trooper 653, Unit 2 NSWMR, d. 19 November 1901 Middlebery South Africa.

APPLEBY, Thomas Samuel
 b. 2 Aug 1880 Mogo. Fa. James APPLEBY Mo. Zorelda Gooalald ADCROFT.
Trooper 1023, Unit 2 NSWMR.
1903 Labourer Yatte Yattah. Also Private 15 1 NSW Mid Rifles
BARBER, John William
 Trooper d. 26 December 1901.

CLARKE ? b. 27 Nov 1880 Armstrong Forest. Fa. William Jacob DEAL Mo. Elizabeth BAXTER.
Troper 48, Pvt, 5BN Aust Comm Horse (NSW).
1903 Labourer Milton.

DEAL, William Joseph (JW)

 d. South Africa. Lord Methven’s body guard.

FOX, ?  From Conjola.
GLANVILLE, Thomas Harold
 There is a mixture of results most likely due to the fact that he did two services in the Boer War.
Pvt 48 and Trooper 466, Unit 2 NSWMR in First Contingent and ? in Third Contingent. Born 1878 Nowra.
GOODSELL, David (Dave)
b. 8 Feb 1874 Cudmirrah Redhead. Fa. Jesse GOODSELL Mo. Mary GALLOWAY.
Pvt/Trooper 3968, ‘E Sqdrn’ Unit 3 NSWMR 1903 nil result.

 b. 22 Feb 1878 Milton. Fa. John GOODSELL Mo.Rebecca HANFIELD.
Pvt 82, Army Medical Corp. d. 6 June 1900 Bloemfontein.
 Cpl, RH17 from Milton,1903 Printer Milton.
HENDERSON, Anthony (Tony)
 b. 7 Jan 1881 Milton. Fa. John HENDERSON Mo. Lucy Catherine HUNT
1903 Groom Milton
HESSION, Edwin Sydney Thomas
 b. 1880 Ulladulla. Fa. Thomas HESSION Mo. Elizabeth ELVINS
Pvt, Unit 2 NSWMR, 1903 Nil Result
HIBBERD, Claude Wilfred
 b. 1877. Fa. Frederick William HIBBERD Mo. Clara Ruth MILLS
Commonwealth Army Medical Corp (NSW).
INGOLD, Charles
 b. 29 August 1873 Milton. Fa. John INGOLD Mo. Mary THISTLETON
1903 Farmer Milton
JOHNSTON, Christopher Robert

 b. 18 Jan 1880 Conjola. Fa.Ralph JOHNSTON Mo. Mary MCGEE
3091, Unit 1 NSWMR and Unit 3 NSWMR
1903 Farmer Conjola
RUTTER, Albert Ewin
 b. 29 January 1870 Whoppingdilly Milton. Fa. John Jewell RUTTER. Mo. Cecilia Sophia COOPER
Volunteered but failed medical
1903 Labourer Brighton Park Milton.
 b. 1882 Gunning. Fa. Albert Dunbar SINCLAIR Mo. Sarah DOWLING.
Occupation Blacksmith
 b. 1877 Burrowa. Fa. Albert Dunbar SINCLAIR Mo. Sarah DOWLING.
Occupation Blacksmith
 b. 1876 Milton. Fa. William WILMOTT Mo. Mary DONOHUE
1903 Grocer East Milton.

Researched and complied by Historian Cathy Dunn

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