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Our beaches are in the best condition

Beachwatch programs finds our beaches in best condition

All 10 Shoalhaven beaches and two sites in Burrill Lake tested as part of the annual Beachwatch program have gained four stars out of four for samples collected on 2 February 2010.

Samples are collected weekly during summer as part of the program. The test results for samples collected last week have found that all sites are in the best rating “good” or four stars.

Environmental Services Manager of Shaolahaven City Council, Kelie Lowe said the water sampling proves that the beaches and Burrill Lake are in good condition, during the busiest time of the year when the population swells from about 94,000 up to about 320,000 people. “But it is prudent not to swim in either the ocean or our water ways after rainfall as there can be a number of ingredients washed into the waterways from the rural and urban catchment areas surrounding the coastline,” Ms Lowe said.

When it rains stormwater can pick up pollutants and rubbish washing it into street gutters and drains that flow directly into our waterways and estuaries. We can all help keep pollution out of stormwater and our waterways by placing litter, cigarette buts and dog poo in the bin, composting garden waste and lawn clippings, not using a hose as a broom, washing the car on grass instead of the driveway, not over using fertilisers, and fixing leaking septic tanks.

Beaches in the city received the excellent report card, with all 10 beaches passing National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) swimming water quality guidelines in February 2010, according to results Department of Environment Climate Change and Water’s Beachwatch Program.

Beachwatch programs were established in 1989. The programs provide regular and reliable information on beach water quality to enable people to make informed decisions about where and when to swim. Approximately 130 swimming locations are monitored in the Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra regions, with a further 150 sites monitored in partnership with local councils along the NSW South Coast.

Beaches in the Ulladulla region who were part of the program include:

  • Mollymook BeachMollymook beach
  • Rennies beach
  • Racecourse beach
  • Bawley Point beach
  • Merry beach

Council’s Environmental Office also tested the ski ramp at Kings Point, Burrill Lake and the boat ramp off Maria Ave, Burrill Lake.

Published Feb 8 2010.

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