Thursday, December 14, 2017

Opening of the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club

The headline of the newspaper read HISTORY WAS MADE AT ULLADULLA on Friday March 15 1957.

History was made at Ulladulla last Sunday, when the club house and greens of the 12 months old Milton – Ulladulla Bowling Club were opened by the President of the Royal Bowling Association of N.S.W, Mr. Hilton Richardson, in the presence of about 300 people, members, their wives and friends.

They came from far and near and almost every club between the Victorian border and Sydney was represented.

The scene was an animated one, as seen from the heights above that part of the town, the white clothing of the players and the gay frocks of the ladies making one that caused many a car driver passing down the hill on the highway pull up for a look –see at what was going on. And they were richly awarded for their interest.

It was the official opening of the local spacious club house and greens by the President of the Royal Bowling Association of NSW.

The club house was decorated with flags of all nations in the Commonwealth, and flags also flew on poles set in the ground around the playing area.

Everyone was welcomed by Tom Snelling, President of Club.  After the cutting of the ribbon, lunch was then served by Mrs. Thorpe. But there were no speeches just presents for everyone who all joined heartily in singing the National Anthem.

Mr. Richardson then sent down the first bowl, after which players, who had lined the ditch with one foot  therein and the other on the green each sent down a bowl. The honour of nearest the jack went to Bill Pearce of the Kiama Club.

This started eight rinks into a friendly game for two hours, followed by afternoon tea and the loyal toast.

Tom Snelling expressed hope that they would always enjoy their games, and assured the visitors that could always be sure of a welcome when they drop in on “Ulladulla Club”.

Colin Fitch received a special bowling badge for his hard work for the club as its treasurer. In the evening as part of the social entertainment by the Bowling Club everyone watched the film by Wal Howes of shots collected on his recent visit to Brisbane.

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