Sunday, February 18, 2018

October 1948 Bushfires

It was 27 October 1948 and the most serious outbreak was on the South Coast, where the village of Termeil, 12 miles from Ulladulla, was practically destroyed.

A sawmill owned by A. Hearne and five homes were destroyed, and other houses damaged

The danger eased last night when the wind, which had been blowing during the day from the north-west, changed to a violent southerly.

Sergeant Houlihan, of Milton police, took a large party of men to fight fires at Ulladulla, which were threatening homesteads.

Waller Pembroke, a Milton carrier, drove a truck through burning bush to rescue cattle trapped in paddocks at Flatrock sawmill.

He loaded the cattle on the truck and drove them back through the fires to safety.

Ninety-two separate fires were reported in the Milton district yesterday.

The most serious fires tonight were those sweeping for westland scrub lands in the Ulladulla Termeill area, where the Woodburn pine plantation of 2,000 acres, is endangered. Two houses were reported burned down at Termeil, while hundreds of acres of cattle and dairying lands in the Milton area have been devastated.

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