Saturday, December 3, 2016

AUS-NSW-SE History Mailing List

Welcome to the web pages of the AUS-NSW-SE Mailing List.  This mailing list was established for the discussion of genealogy and history relating to the south-east of New South Wales, Australia. 

The  geographical area covered is from Helensburgh to the Victorian border along the South Coast and inland to the Great Divide, including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Bowral, Picton, and Appin. 

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AUS-NSW-SE  Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I contact the list manager?
For questions about this list, contact the list administrators at
Enquiries regarding the website should be made to the web manager, Cathy Dunn

2.  I’ve posted a message but it hasn’t appeared on the list.
The most common reason for this is that the message has been sent to the wrong address.  The address for posting messages is Messages sent to this address will appear to both mail and digest subscribers.  It is only necessary to send the message once. Do not post messages to the same address that you used to subscribe.

Another reason could be that you are not a subscriber. Only subscribers can post to Rootseweb lists. This is to help prevent spammers from cluttering lists with junk mail.  If you are not a subscriber and post a message it will be sent only to the list manager. Although the list manager can forward the message to the list it is better for you to subscribe and then post so you don’t miss out on any replies.

3. How do I search RootsWeb for AUS-NSW-SE messages?
You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them

Search the AUS-NSW-SE archives
Browse the AUS-NSW-SE archives

4. I have more than one email address and I would like to be able to post messages from my other address/es, but do not wish to receive messages more than once. Contact the list manager with your alternate address/es and they can be placed on the ‘accept’ list.

5. I have been unsubscribed but did not request this.
Rootsweb will automatically unsubscribe addresses which repeatedly bounce.  If this has happened to you don’t think it is because we don’t like you :)  Just subscribe again.  You can also contact the list manager and inform them that you were involuntarily unsubscribed as they may still have a bounce message which could help you to prevent the same thing happening again. Some ISPs have allocated extremely small mailbox capacity and if this is exceeded messages will not be delivered.  Telstra Easymail customers seem to be prone to this problem.

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