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Milton War Memorial

The Milton Ulladulla District’s War memorial is found at Milton Memorial Park, on the corner of Princes Highway and Thomas Street Milton, opposite Milton Primary School.

The Memorial is a granite obelisk, constructed in 3 stages above a rusticated base. The surrounds were once fenced with granite fence posts with galvanized pipe railing. This area is now paved to match the Milton streetscape. This along with spot lights, which light up the memorial every night. The granite for the memorial and fencing posts would have come from the Moruya quarry, which also supplied granite for the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The memorial features names for both WW1 and WW2. This lettering is incised with gold leaf high lighting. There are small bronze plaques attached to base, noting that there is no plaque for WW2. One distinguishing feature on the memorial is that the names of the servicemen and women included their rank and are so listed, with KIA over-ranking them all. PVT. is used to abbreviate Private in WW1, whilst the correct abbreviation PTE is used for the WW2 servicemen.

The land on which the memorial is built was bought by the Crown on November 20 1895, from Samuel Pickering for £50. Had there been plans for a memorial to the local Sudan War Servicemen?

Phillip Jackson was part of the Australian Contingency that assisted the British Forces in the Sudan War. He was born September 22 1865 at Narrawalle Farm, Ulladulla (now part of Milton), the son of Nelson and Sarah Jackson. He died May 18 1885 Suakin, a memorial stands for him at Milton Methodist Cemetery. Phillip Jackson is one of the nine names on the National Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial for the Sudan War.

Milton war memorial 1923In June 1920, there was notice for a public meeting to be called on the suggestion that a War Memorial be built at Milton. The land was officially subdivided on February 20 1922. The memorial was unveiled on Saturday May 5 1923.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: The district memorial was unveiled before a large gathering. The Mayor introduced Major General C. F. Cox. who performed the ceremony. There are 91 names the memorial, including the names of 13 soldiers who were killed. Five gained distinction.  One nurse from the district was killed in action, and gained the Royal Red Cross. The monument cost £300. About £90 was raised at the unveiling. General Cox handed the deeds of the property to the Mayor as the council is to be the trustee. Mr. Austin Wileman also addressed the gathering.

Both the WW1 and WW2 Servicemen and Women are listed on the memorial.
WW1 – 93 men, 1 woman, 12 KIA, 5 Military Medal, 1 Royal Red Cross.
WW2 – 121 men, 0 women, 8 KIA, 1 Military Medal.

This shows that a higher percentage of the population took active duty in WW1, with more deaths.

The only woman listed is Sister Kitty Porter. Katherine (Kitty) was awarded the Royal Red Cross for her service in the Medical Corp. Her heroic efforts founded the beginnings of women’s independence in this small country town. No woman is listed for WW2, even though some local women served in the Women Armed Forces and many others contributed to the local War effort.

Henry Cooley was an aboriginal who served with the 56th Battalion, he enlisted on November 11 1915, returning to Australia January 18 1919. Also from the local area in the 56th Battalion was Bruce (Brian) Wynter Warden. Henry Cooley answered the call of his Country. Yet he wasn’t allowed to a have drink at the local hotel with fellow ex-servicemen and didn’t even have the right to vote. Also listed is Aboriginal Richard Johnson.

There are stories of war machinery been located in front of the memorial in the 1930s.  This would have been the 3 inch (75mm) trench motor, which was given to the Milton Community by the NSW Trophy Committee. It had been captured by the 56th Battalion at Bellecourt on October 29 1918.  The whereabouts of this machinery is unknown today.

Nearly 600 school children and traffic on the Princes Highway pass the memorial every day. Do they understand the meaning and honour behind the names on the Memorial and what it meant to the local community members when first constructed? A form of Nationalism, with participation and grief for those who didn’t return home.

Will future generations have remembrance for the servicemen and women who answered their country’s call to arms? Are we losing the meaning and spirit of Anzac with each pasting generation?

The War Memorial is visited by the members of the local community on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day each year to remember and respect those who gave their all, in the fight for freedom.

In Memory of the Fallen & in Honour of the Brave
who took part in the Great war 1914 – 1918
## Killed – MM Military Medal – RRC Royal Red Cross

BACKHOUSE  J.A. (sic)  PVT.  James McDonald Backhouse
BACKHOUSE  R.  PVT.  ## Robert Joseph Backhouse
BACKHOUSE  J.  PVT.  James Backhouse
BARTLETT  R.J.  PVT.  Joseph Roy (Roy) Bartlett
BARTLETT  W.  PVT.  William Bartlett
BARTLETT  A  BCLR  Alfred Bartlett
BEILEITER  C.L.  PVT.  Charles Lyons Beileiter
BLACKBURN  E.C  CPL.  Ernest Carrington Blackburn
BOOTH  W.  PVT.  MM William J Douglas Booth
BROOK  C.  PVT.  Cecil Brook
BISHOP  W.H.  PVT.  MM Walter Herbert Bishop
BUCHAN  J.  SGT.  Jack Buchan
BUCHAN R.  PVT.  Ronald Buchan
CAMBAGE  M.C.  PVT.  ## Morton Charles Cambage
CHAPPLE  L.A.  PVT.  Les A Chapple
CHINN  F.  PVT.  Frederick Walter Ford Chin
CLAYDON  H.J  L/CPL.  Herbert John Claydon
Milton War MemorialCORK  R.F.  LIEUT.  Rupert Frederick Cork
CORK  F.R.  CNR Frank Richmond Cork
CORK  A.S.  CPL.  Albert Stanley Cork
CORK  A.  PVT.  ## Alton Cork
COOLEY  H.  PVT.  Henry Cooley/Coolie. (Aboriginal)
CREAMER  F.W.  PVT.  Frederick William Creamer
CROFT  W.H.  PVT.  William Hilton Croft
DAVEY  ART.  PVT.  ## Arthur Richard Davey
DAVEY  ALF.  SCLR  Alfred Davey
DAVIS  N.S.  CPL.  Norman Stanley Davis
DAVIS  O.W.K.  PVT.  Oswald William Knapp Davis
DAVIS  L.C.  PVT.  Leslie George Davis
DAVIS  K.C.  CNR  Kenneth Cameron Davis
SEYMOUR  E.J.  PVT.  Addition Name located amongst the D’s
DUFFY  T.J.S.  PVT.  Thomas Joseph Stanley Duffy
DUFFY  T.  PVT.  MM Thomas Duffy
FAUST  P.N.  LDG/STKR  Peter Nelson Faust
war solider H FrancisFRANCIS  H.  LIEUT.  Herbert James Francis
FRANCIS  H.  CPL.  Harold Francis
FRANCIS  G.  SGT.  Clifford George Francis
GATES  A.  DVR  Arthur Edmund Gates
HART  N. PVT.  Norman Hart
HAMON  G.A.  PVT.  ## George Asher Hamon
HESSION  J.J.  CPL. John Joseph Hession
HESSION  C.T.  SMN/GNR  Charles Thomas Hession
HERNE W.  PVT.  William Osborne Herne (SGT)
HERNE  C.  PVT.  Charles Wesley Herne
HERNE  A.  PVT.  Arthur Hilton Herne
HEWITT  F.  PVT.  Frederick James Hewitt
INGOLD  S.C.  L/CPL.  Sydney George Ingold
INGOLD  A.  PVT.  Allen Cecil Ingold
INGOLD  W.C PVT. William Charles Ingold
JOHNSON  R.  PVT.  Richard Johnson (Aboriginal)
JONES  W.J.   PVT.  MM William John Jones
KENNEDY  N.  L/SGT.  ## Norman Kennedy
Milton war memorial 1924KENDALL  A.L.  PVT.  Aubrey Leslie Kendall
KING  E.C.  GNR  MM Edward King
KING  F.H.  PVT.  Frank Harris King
KOYCHEN A.M.  BDR  Arthur Milton Koychen
LATTA  J.J.  SGT.  ## John James Latta
LATTA  R.G.  PVT.  ## Robert Gibson Latta
LATTA  A.H.  L/CPL.  Arthur Henry Latta
LATTA  B.R.  PVT.  Bertie Roy Latta
LATTA  W.C.  PVT.  William Clyde Latta
LAW  W.  PVT.  William Law
LEWIS  H.W.  PVT.  ## Harold Walters Lewis
LEWIS  R.J PVT.  ## Robert James Lewis
LEANEY  H.  PVT.  Howard Henry Leaney
MARTIN  C.  PVT.  ## Clement Lindsay Martin
MARTIN  E.  PVT.  Ernest William Martin
There are two S Millard featured on War Memorial
Stanley George Millard
MILLARD  E.  PVT.  Eric Millard
NELSON  O PVT. Oswald Nelson
NEWTON  W.J.  PVT. William Joseph Newton
PETTY  H.L.  DVR  Henry Leslie Petty
PINHEY  C.T.  GNR Guy Townley Pinhey
PICKERING  H.C.  T/CPL.  Howard George Pickering
PICKERING  F.A.  PVT.  Felton Arthur Pickering
POOLE  A.F.  SGT. Alick Francis Poole
PORTER  K.L.  SISTER  RRC Katherine (Kitty) Lawrence Porter
RENWICK  C.  CAPT.  Charles Saunders Renwick
RILEY  C.  PVT.  Clarence Raymond Riley
RILEY  H.  PVT. Sidney Howard Riley
SPERRING  J.W.  PVT.  John William Sperring
SUMMERS  F PVT.  Frederick Summers
SWAN  H.A.  PVT.  Herbert Alfred Swan
THOMAS  M.  STKR  Milton Thomas
THOMPSON  W.  PVT.  William Robert Thompson
WARDEN  W.W.  LIEUT.  Wynter Wallace Warden
WARDEN  B.W.  LIEUT.  ## Bruce Wynter Warden
WARDEN  N.W.  PVT.  Neil Wynter Warden
WEBBER  R.  PVT. Bernard Roy Webber
WILSON  B.  PVT.  George Bruce Wilson
WISE  W.T.  L/CPL.  William Thomas Wise
YOUNG  P.  PVT.  Peter Gould Young

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