Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Milton Feb 1860

Sydney Morning Herald: Monday 27 February 1860

MILTON- On Wednesday, the 8th instant, it commenced to rain, and it literally poured down without the slightest intermission until Saturday morning. The creeks in the neighbourhood rose higher than what they have been for the last thirty years. The wind was blowing a gale from the south-east, and there was a fearful sea running into Ulladulla harbour.

The flood has done considerable damage elsewhere in this locality, by sweeping away fencing and bridges of all sorts and sizes. The Narawalla (sic) bridge is in such a state now that even the architects themselves will not venture to cross it.

The bridge is rendered almost useless, and certainly past repairing at a less cost than would be required to replace it by a new one. I have heard that the Wandiandian bridge has been swept away, too. This is a more serious affair, us it was an expensive bridge, and the loss of it will be much felt by the mail contractors and others travelling to and from between here and Shoalhaven.

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