Monday, December 11, 2017

Milton 1872

Grevilles Post Office Directory 1872: MiltonĀ 
Distance 155 miles South of Sydney.
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday Monday, Wednesday 2 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route – Steam Ulladulla, 4pm. Milton (Spelling is as found).

AVERY William sawyer Milton
BAXTER Andrew farmer Milton
BEATTIE Charles farmer Milton
BERRY Myles farmer Milton
BICKNILL John farmer Milton
BICKNILL John jun. farmer Milton
CAMRAGE John farmer Milton
CARROL James bootmaker Milton
CASHMAN William carpenter Milton
CHEADLE John carpenter Milton
CLARK John cooper Milton
CLAVEN Patrick sawyer Milton
CLAYDON Henry farmer Milton
CORK James farmer Milton
CORK Robert farmer Milton
CORK William farmer Milton
CROFT John carpenter Milton
DAIRS [sic] Daniel farmer Milton
DAIRS [sic] Samuel farmer Milton
DARGIN John W bank manager Milton
DIEL [sic] Jacob labourer Milton
EGAN Philip farmer Milton
EGAN William farmer Milton
FAULKS John Milton
FAULKS William farmer Milton
FIELDS John labourer Milton
FOWLER George blacksmith Milton
FOWLER John labourer Milton
FRANCIS William saddler Milton
FRY Edward sawyer Milton
GANED Daniel farmer Milton
GANED John farmer Milton
GANED Robert farmer Milton
GANED Samuel farmer Milton
GANED Thomas farmer Milton
GANED William farmer Milton
GOULD Thomas farmer Milton
GREER Thomas labourer Milton
HALL Fred. (Frederick) Storekeeper & postmaster Milton
HAMON John labourer Milton
HAPGOOD William labourer Milton
HARVEY Charles farmer Milton
HESSIAN John farmer Milton
HESSIAN Thomas farmer Milton
HESSIAN Thomas jun. farmer Milton
HUNT William farmer Milton
ILOTT George sawyer Milton
ILOTT Thomas farmer Milton
IVIRNY [sic] Thomas surgeon Milton
JARRARD John farmer Milton
JINKS William dealer Milton
JONES William farmer Milton
KELLY Gerald labourer Milton
KENNEDY Donald farmer Milton
KERR William tailor Milton
LANEY Thomas farmer Milton
LEVER William labourer Milton
LIVINGSTONE John farmer Milton
MARTIN William farmer Milton
MATTHEWS W. H. storekeeper’s assistant Milton
MONTGOMERY James brickmaker Milton
MOON Henry labourer Milton
MOON William labourer Milton
MOORE John farmer Milton
MUDGE John labourer Milton
MUDGE Nicholas labourer Milton
MUNN Walter carpenter Milton
MCGEE N. farmer Milton
MCGEE Thomas auctioneer Milton
MCGUIRE James labourer Milton
MCGUIRE Patrick farmer Milton
MCMAHON Francis farmer Milton
NORRIS John labourer Milton
PARSONS Rev. Adin (Wesleyan) Milton
PEARCE John labourer Milton
PEARCE Solomon labourer Milton
PEARCE William labourer Milton
PENDER Thomas butcher Milton
PEZET John carpenter Milton
PIERMAN Daniel farmer Milton
POPS George labourer Milton
PORTER John carpenter Milton
RILEY William builder Milton
ROBERTS David farmer Milton
ROBERTS John baker Milton
ROBINSON Frederick labourer Milton
RUSSEL J. J. innkeeper Milton
SHRIBBS Mrs. farmer Milton
STOKES George labourer Milton
TRAPP James labourer Milton
TYDEMAN Mrs. innkeeper Milton
VICK James W. teacher Milton
WATTS Daniel bootmaker Milton
WHATMAN John farmer Milton
WHITTIK Abraham bootmaker Ulladulla
WINDLEY William labourer Milton
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