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In the year 1903


Spouse Marriage Date & Place
Appleby, Raymond Richard Charlotte Louise Lucy RIXON 22 Apr 1903 Brides Home Yadborough CE Rites
BONNER, George Cecilia MILLARD 23 Dec 1903 Brides Home Milton Congreg. Rites
FLYNN, Bernard Mary DONNELLY 15 Aug 1903 St Marys Star of the Sea Milton
HIBBERD, Edwin Harry Hannah WILMOTT 23 Apr 1903 Edwin Hibberd Res. Milton CE Rites
LEANEY, John Cornelius Carrie Eliza JOHNSON 29 Jul 1903 Groom home Milton CE Rites
MERTON, Ernest Wilfred Edith Gertrude HOBBS March 1903 Milton
MITCHELL, Henry Joseph Annabella Barbara WARDEN Jan 1903 Milton
MOON, Herbert Charles Anne PENNEY 28 Jan 1903 Groom’s Home Ulladulla CE Rites
ROSSEN, John Nielsen Stella Matilda MOON 18 May 1903 Brides Res. Ulladulla CE Rites
RYAN, Dennis Agnes Ellen TEMPLE 26 Oct 1903 St Marys Star of the Sea Milton
SHEAFFE, ROGER Violet A C ILETT April 1903 Milton
TODD, William Constance Ann EVANS Feb 1903 Milton

AUSTIN, Catherine nee CONDON – 7 Feb 1903, On board SS EDEN Ulladulla – RC Cemetery Nelligen
BACKHOUSE, Ellen – 1 May 1903, Currowan Creek – Currowan Creek
CORK, James –  6 Sep 1903 Yatte Yattah-  Willowbank Farm Milton
CROFT, John –  26 Aug 1903 Milton –  Sandridge CE/A1/8
EVANS, Sarah nee BROOKS –  17 Oct 1903 Ulladulla –  Sandridge CONG/12/1
FITCH, Charles –  31 Jan 1903 Ulladulla –  Sandridge CE/B7/1
INGOLD, John William –  14 Jan 1903 Milton –  Sandridge Meth UM 
MOON, Henry –  1 Dec 1903 Milton Ulladulla – Bu:  Milton Ulladulla Unknown, possible Sandridge
NEWTON, Emily Elizabeth nee GARRAD –  16 May 1903 Milton –  Sandridge GEN/A1/9
PEZET, Eliza nee HAMON –  2 Feb 1903 Milton –  Milton CE Cemetery
SHEA, Elizabeth Jane nee ADAMS –  1 Jun 1903 Clyde River –  Nelligen Cemetery

Aboriginal People listed on the 1903 Electoral roll
Andrew, Prosper.  Termeil.  Laborer – Aboriginal 
Andrew, Robert James –  Termeil.  Laborer – Aboriginal
Andrews, Rachel.  Termeil. Domestic Duties –  Aboriginal, adopted child of Henry Claydon 
Beattie, Charles.  Ulladulla.  Carter – Married to Susan Allen (Coomee’s daughter)
Campbell,  George. Ulladulla. Fisherman –  Married to Ethel Brother (aboriginal)
Dashwood, William. Bally Point (sic).  Laborer – Married to Phoebe Butler (Aboriginal) 
Nyberg,  Ellen. Conjola. Domestic Duties. Aboriginal married to Harold Nyberg (German) 
Nye,  Andrew. Ulladulla.  Laborer –  Married to Jane Campbell (Aboriginal)

1903 Electoral Roll – Mollymook
Mitchell, Alfred . Labourer
Mitchell, Edward. Labourer
Mitchell, George. Labourer
Mitchell, Helena. Domestic Duties
Mitchell, Henry (Senior). Farmer
Mitchell, Henry (Junior). Labourer
Mitchell, John. Labourer

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