Thursday, December 14, 2017

History of Milton Show

The first meeting of the Ulladulla Agricultural and Horticultural Association was held in the Star Hotel, Milton, and duly formed on June 4 1866 with membership set at 10/- per annum.

1920 Milton Show

1884 Show Results
1888 Show Results

1895 Show Results
1900 Show Results
1907 Show Results
1920 Milton Show photo courtesy Brad Butler

Office Bearers as provided by Show Committee

Year President Secretary
1866 Mr WW Ewin Mr W Martin
1867 Mr J Miller Mr JV Wareham
1868-1909 No Records No Records
1910-1915 Mr FW Cork Mr JNO Boag
1916-1919 Mr FW Cork Mr RF Cork
1920 No Records No Records
1921-1924 Mr FW Cork Mr EF Cork
1925-1929 Mr JNO Boag Mr FW Cork
1930 No Records No Records
1931 Mr JNO Boag Mr A Turner
1932 Mr HD Warden Mr G Prior
1933 Mr JNO Boag Mr G Prior
1934-1936 Mr JNO Boag Mr CJ Kendall
1937 Mr JNO Boag Mr AL Kendall
1938-1941 Mr JNO Boag Mr D Boag
1942 No Records No Records
1943 Mr HD Warden No Records
1944-1947 Mr HD Warden Mr RG Petty
1948-1949 Mr HD Warden Mr A Blanch
1950 Mr HD Warden Mr C Mellick
1951 Mr HD Warden Mr A Bridge
1952 Mr FS Crocker Mr AS Cork
1953 Mr FS Crocker Mr A Bridge
1954-1955 Mr JM Miller Mr JNA Thomson
1956-1961 Mr HW Kendall Mr JNA Thomson
1962-1963 Mr RG Woods Mr JNA Thomson
1964 Mr RG Woods Mrs M Bourke
1965-1968 Mr KW Kendall Mrs M Bourke
1969 Mr DW Warden Mrs M Bourke
1970 Mr DW Warden Mr NJ Pitt/Mr RJ Vider
1971-1981 Mr GA Ringland Mr CS Austin
1982-1984 Mr JM Mison Mr CS Austin
1985-1989 Mr JNA Thomson Mr CS Austin
1990-1994 Mr R Wylie Mr CS Austin
1995-1998 Mr TW Gregory Mr CS Austin
1999 Mr TW Gregory Mrs L Best
2000 Mr R Davis Mrs L Best
2001-2003 Mr ID Wilford Mrs L Best
2004 Mr JM Mison Mrs J James
2005 Mr JM Mison Mrs S Whittaker
2006-2009 Mr JM Mison Mr AD Scott


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