Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Design and Technology inspired by WW1 Lewis brothers

Design and Technology inspired by WW1 Lewis brothersSarah Wehrle from the Blue Mountains has taken inspiration for her two great great uncles who both were killed in WW1, for her 2017 HSC Design and Technology major project.

Inspired by 1910s fashion and reflected the First World War and the lives of men and women, both on the home front and on the battle fields.

The silhouettes on the dress reflect the life of her two Great Great Uncles, Harold Walters Lewis and Robert James Lewis Cockwhy and Milton  as bushmen before the war to their deaths in WW1; Harold at Gallipoli in December 1915 and Robert in Belguim in June 1917.

Placing the letters on the bodice as it symbolises them as being close to their mother’s heart.

The envelopes on the bottom of the dress symbolise all the letters sent to and from soldiers and their loved ones.

Design and Technology inspired by WW1 Lewis brothersThe Poppies on the dress represent Flanders Fields and remembrance, and the barbed wire represents the battlefields.

The verse/oath that is read on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day is also included in the dress design.

The wheat also makes reference to Flanders Fields and the farms that her two Great Great Uncles worked at.

A ‘dog tag’ replica hangs from the red bow as it is the form of identification that all soldiers wore during the war.

Dress design and photos ©Sarah Wehrle

Design and Technology inspired by WW1 Lewis brothers

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