Monday, December 11, 2017

Council rates rebate for Heritage Properties

Heritage valuations for land tax and local rates under the NSW Heritage Act
Where a property is listed on the State Heritage Register a heritage valuation is automatically provided to reflect its value without development potential.

This valuation is then used in assessing Council rates and land tax. If eligible please ensure that a heritage valuation is being used.

SpringfieldHeritage valuations for land tax and rates for locally listed properties
If your property is on a local, regional or state environmental plan list you can receive a heritage restricted valuation for the purpose of land tax and Council rates.

If you require a “heritage restricted” valuation and do not have one, please make requests to you nearest Department of Lands (DOL) office. The DOL Head Office number is (02) 9228 6666 or consult the website at

In the first instance, check with the rates section of the Shoalhaven City Council to see if this heritage restricted valuation discount has been deducted from your council rates.

Shoalhaven Heritage Local Environmental Plan

Heritage Assesments Services

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