Sunday, January 22, 2017

Arts and Craft Groups

Millhouse art studio Milton NSW

Arts and Crafts groups in the Milton Ulladulla region.

Cancer Outpatients

Cancer Outpatients Appeal of Milton Ulladulla Inc P.O. Box 900 Milton NSW 2538 The Cancer Outpatients appeal is a fundraising charitable organization with DGR status which is building, equipping and supporting a community cancer services centre next to Milton Hospital to provide chemotherapy and a range of cancer support services for cancer patients in the […]

Girl Guides

Unit located on the South Coast with girls ranging from 7 years of age to many of our leaders. Since beginning our group has seen alot of girls pass through and grow up, many of them becoming successful young women who play vital parts in our community. We do heaps of activities like crafts, games, […]


South Coast Group here at Milton Ulladulla has about 20 active members, with some 320 widows to look after. Contact Legacy – Max Owens. Ph: 02 4456 4505

Meals on Wheels

meals on wheels Southern Shoalhaven

Southern Shoalhaven Zone Meals on Wheels is a regional Co-operative with its members being the local community organisations, Friends’ Social Support Group, Lake Conjola Meals on Wheels, Milton Ulladulla Meals on Wheels and Sussex Inlet and District Meals on Wheels. Ph: (02) 4455 2861