Gathering of Hope
Surfing Soldiers
Craig Dunn and Danny Lewis
killed at the Sari Club bombings in Bali
Gathering of Hope
88 Australians were killed by the bombing of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali on October 12 2002, including Craig Dunn (18) and Danny Lewis (19) of Ulladulla who had just arrived in Bali for a 17-day surfing holiday.

On Thursday November 7 2002, after a moving service at Mollymook Surf Club we buried our Craig and Danny at
Sandridge Cemetery beside the surf at Mollymook Beach. (CE Section B).

Terrorists took our boys from sight but did not win the fight. Though deeply missed, the boys remain strong within out hearts. Their spirit of adventure, freedom of choice, love and respect of family and friends shall live with us all. The Aussie mateship is now stronger than before.

Dunn & Lewis Bali Memorial Surfing Classic was held in March 2003 at the Ulladulla Summer Games @ Racecourse Beach. This is now an annual event with both Bodyboarders and Board Riders. It is now an annual event. Email enquires

A salute to surfing soldiers:
Written by Bruce Summers (Craig's Cousin)

The surfing soldiers are missing at war, but in the spirit of happy young men just beginning life’s journeys, the weapons they used on the front line that night have not been lost.

They were armed with freedom of choice, spirit of adventure, love of outdoor life, a sense of kindness to others, the love of their family & home and respect for all things good.

The memorial is a national multi purpose Bali Bombing memorial complex providing young people with a positive and practical vision for the future to enhance their skills personally, socially and vocational, link generations together, create employment and teach leadership skills to the youth.
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Danny Lewis
Danny Lewis
Craig Dunno
Craig Dunn

Family wreath at Bali Beach

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