Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aboriginals who served in WW1

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enlisted and/or served in World War I from the South Coast and Yuin nation area include many with family connections to Milton Ulladulla:

* Arthur George Andrews – 15th Battalion
* Walter Ernest Andrews – 15th Battalion (picture)
* Thomas Leslie Andrews – 49th Battalion

David Henry Bindoff – 19th Battalion
Harold Edward Bindoff – 19th Battalion
Edward George Bindoff – 1st Battalion
Andy Bond – 33rd Battalion
* Ernest Lacey – Licey – 17th Battalion
* Louis Licey – 17th Battalion
Frank Stewart – 8th Pioneer Battalion
* Henry Cooley – 36th Battalion
Herbert Lester Brook – 30th Battalion
Frederick Brook – 3rd Battalion
Robert John Brown – 45th Battalion
Thomas Henry Balcombe – 14th Battalion
George Longbottom – 1st Divisonal Train, AASC
James Longbottom – Enlisted, then medical discharged
Herbert Timbery – discharge as war had finished
Henry Alfred Willoughby – 1st DAC
Richard Johnson – 13th Battalion. Name is listed on the Milton War Memorial
William Ernst Ralph – 15th Battalion
WATTS, Ernest Longbottom
WATTS, Charles Henry
WATTS Joseph Carlisle
* Balcombe
George BROOK

* born in the Milton Ulladulla District

In accordance with traditional laws often followed by Indigenous communities in Australia the mentioning of and photographs of deceased people may offend. Please note on this site there is mention and imagery of Aboriginal people who are deceased.

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