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1851 letter written by Elizabeth Howson of Ulladulla to her sister Mrs Ann Elphick of Lane Cove

1851 Letter UlladullaRecently return to Ulladulla was the 1851 letter written by Elizabeth Howson of Ulladulla to her sister Mrs Ann Elphick of Lane Cove. The Elphick eventually moved to Ulladulla by 1869 as her husband James died 5 Jun 1869 at Ulladulla. Cornoners Inquest – Shoalhaven News 19 June 1869.

However the letter remained in Sydney and was recently discover. The letter is now with the 1841 letter Ann wrote to her sister Elizabeth in 1843.

Spelling as found. There are few full stops. The Ulladulla franking is quite clear and the Sydney franking even clearer showing April 5 1851.

Ulladulla March 23 1851
Dear Sister/Brother
I have just in recept of your kind letter and we are very glad to have that you are both in good health as this leave us at present.

Thank god Dear Sister I thought surely you was dead as we have received no letter from you since 45. Thank god we are very comfortable situated with 20 acres of land for life cleared and feced and about 3 months ago we bought 50 acres from government at the crosing place we have a new dray and bullucks and every farming utencle that required and severel head of cattle and a few horses.

We are sorrow to hear of Mr. Elphick ill health but Dear Sister I hope that you will not consider yourself last should it please god to call your husband Mr. Howson say that you may depend on him as afriend for acomfortable home. I have sent you 3 letters and received no answer and when you write to me again please to send me your direction.

Elizabeth Howson 1851Mr. Elphick Sir we shall take it as a grat favour if you will let your wife come down to see us and if this should meet your approbation you will call on Mr. Henry Clark Union warf Sydney and he will let you know when the boat will leave. We will pay your fare

Dear Sister your daughter is living at South brisbane Morton bay I have received several letters from her she is very oneasy about you and hope that you will write to her now. I have giving you her directions she have five children 1 James Fredrick is 8 years old, Elizabeth Ann is 6, Henry is 4 and Davy James is 2 years and 8 months the last one I dont know the name. Elisabeth wright to me saying that they can bearly make things meet. Mr. Barr Sister is just arived from England and is living with them.

Ulladula Post office mark 1851So I conclude with our kind love your affectionate Brother and Sister
John and Elizabeth Howson

Dear Sister if you wish to see me you must come very soon as I am getting an old man now ann is maried and have 2 children and is in very comfortable circumstances and if you come she will receive you at the beach as she live theare.

Read the 1843 Letter from Ann Elphick to Elizabeth Howson

D. 1890 Narawallee. Age 86 years. Death 1890/8074
Buried Milton CE Cemetery
b. 1804, Birmingham War England. Daughter of Joseph WILLIAMS and Ann *
m. (1) c. 1824 possible defacto John LIHON
m. (2) 23 Jan 1843, in Hunters Hills Sydney NSW, James ELPHICK Marriage 1843/182/27C under the name of Alfeck
m. (3) 7 Aug 1876, in St Peters & St Pauls Milton, Duncan MCKELLAR. Marriage 1876/4314
1822: CF 18 yrs Sydney.
1828: Ann Williams 23yrs Sydney.
1876 Widower of Croobyar Ulladulla
Arrived: Free Northhampton 1814

HOWSON, Elizabeth nee JONES formerly WILLIAMS
D. 23 Oct 1889 Milton. Age 80 years. Death Cert 1889/13724.
Informant sister Ann McKellar Narrawillee [sic]
Bu: 23 Oct 1889. Buried Milton CE Cemetery
b. 1809, Birmingham Warickshire England. Daughter of Joseph WILLIAMS and Ann *
m. (1) Sydney, John JONES
m. (2) 1834, in Sydney NSW, John HOWSON
1828: Seamstress Princes St Sydney. Lived at Ulladulla from 1842.
In 1851 moved to Farm (most likely at Croobyar, The Setllement – Milton of today)
Arrived: Free Northampton 1814

Emma CambageCAMBAGE, Ann – Emma
Emma lived in the Ulladulla from the age of 5 years (1835), and for two years of her early-married life (1848 – 1850) she was the only white woman living at Ulladulla Harbour.
She married ex-convict John Cambage and raised her family at both Ulladulla and Milton.

Both the 1843 and 1851 letter were donated to the Mitchell Library in April 2013.
The 1851 letter was return to Ulladulla by Penny Niccol who located it amongst some family papers.



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