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1843 letter to Ulladulla

Transcript of letter written in 1843 to Eliza Howson of Ulladulla from her sister Ann Elphick who later settled in the Ulladulla District.
Spelling and grammar as found.
There are few full stops and most words starting with a S start in a capital S.

May the 20 1843
My dear Sister,

I received your letter by Elizabeth and feel quite happy to hear you and John injoy [sic] hogg health – you wish to get Malpas [? sic] address and to write to our sister Sarah – he never sent me either his address or hers and Mr. McDonald does not know it or I Should have written home long ago So so he might as well not have Sent at all.

dear Sister you no doubt will be surprised when I tell you – that Since I wrote to you last I have altered my name to Ann Elphick I was married at Kissing Point on the 23rd of January my Husband is a native of Hastings in England – and is by trade a Sawyer he came to this country with his family two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is married and has two children the daughter is married and has one child the younger son not married but he does not live with us he is working for himself. So that we have none of them with us – I forgot to tell you he had (?) about six months before we were married. He is older than me by ten years but he makes me a very good husband So you See I was determined to be in the profession, but I must say it is the worst trade going at present they are Selling Board Battons you and Scantling by auction for 4 Shillings and Six Pence per hundred [super feet] So anything is better than Sawing now If it is not better soon I will Shall try Something else for many people cannot make a living at Sawing. Elizabeth and James is quite well as also the child he is growing up a fine little fellow they are like the rest of the people living in Sydney just making a living and (?) that everything is very bad and they see it will be Still worse So I do not know what poor people will do They have it rumoured about that weat [sic] will be one Penny per bushel and labour one Penny per day and that there will be a famine all over the world but I hope that we Shall never See that time bad as the present time is – I am glad to Say I can boast of a Husband that has not a lazey [sic] bone in his boddy [sic] and can turn his hand to anything So that I am Still in hopes of Seeing better times – I am now living at Lane Cove my Husband has been paying 30 pounds a year for a orchard and timber the last 3 years but our lease will be expired on the 1st of next month so I do not know wether we Shall Stop here or not we Shall not if we better ourselfs I Suppose there is no good to be done at Ulladulla but you can let me know when you write to me and tell me all the News and how you are getting on I only hope you are doing well and what little you have you will take care of ├┐give my love to John and tell him that Since I have been living at Lane Cove I often think of this Saying if your tea is not Sweet stir it but is not so bad – it is now a long time since I Saw you but I Should very much like to see you both but I Suppose it will be some time first Send me word what they charge for a pasage [sic] down there For I think I Shall take a trip down there and See you but I Shall be allmost [sic] affraid [sic] to venture by myself however I Shall know more about it when I hear from you again. My Husband (hole in paper) joins me in love to you both wishing you all the happiness this world can afford.

I remain

Your affectionate Sister

Ann Elphick

NB (?) Direct for me Mrs. Ann Elphick Lane Cove

Care of Mr. James Slater Vincent Street North

Letter address to Mrs Eliza Howson Ulladulla

See the letter written in 1851 for Elizabeth Howson to Ann Elphick

Both the 1843 and 1851 letter were donated to the Mitchell Library in April 2013.

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